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Your skin’s natural oil production is ignited, relieving your skin of the tight feeling associated with skin dryness.
Age defence formulation for dry skin
Our easily absorbed salon strength cream helps to bring new density to your dry skin, it boosts collagen and elastin production and reactivates your skin’s natural oil production. Our formulation is rich in nourishing and hydrating ingredients to leave your skin soft, supple, strengthened and protected.


Dry Skin Cream -50ml

  • Katherine Daniels Dry Skin Cream – 50ml

    A peach cream that leaves skin soft, supple and rejuvenated

    Katherine Daniels Dry Skin Cream is a light, soothing and hydrating cream designed to care and protect dry skin conditions. Easily absorbed, the cream helps to defend the skin against the environment, protecting against extremes of weather and climate control indoors. It works to boost collagen and elastin production, leaving the skin soft, supple and rejuvenated.