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An ultra-concentrated serum designed to prolong and enhance the renovating action of the mesopeel peels. Thanks to a precise combination of active ingredients, it significantly improves wrinkles and skin elasticity. Its retinol-based formula maintains fibroblast stimulation while promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. It has a pH of 6.

Post-Peel 1% Retinol Concentrate

    • Centella asiática
    • Retinol
    • Vitamin B5
    • Vitamin E

    Retinol -Stimulates cellular regeneration encouraging Collagen Fibrillogenesis.

    Centella asiática - Regenerating, healing and stimulant of Collagen production.

    Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E -  Prevents the damage induced by free radicals and reduces transepidermal water loss.

    •  Significantly improves wrinkles and skin elasticity by promoting Collagen and Elastin synthesis
    • - Improves pigmentations from dermal level
    • - Diminishes pores and improves skin texture by stimulating skin cell renewal
    • - Regenerating and healing, with antioxidant action -Centella Asiatica and Vitamin E
    • - Maintains skin hydration - Vitamin B5
    • - Prolongs and enhances action of superficial acid peels
    • - Designed for use after superficial acid peels. Unlike other Retinol products in the market, this product is gentle and non-irritating
    • - Suitable for all skin types, except reactive or sensitive skin
  • Apply a small amount of the product on face and neck at night, avoiding the eye contour.

    Use 2 x weekly to start with for the first 2 weeks and slowly increase to 3 x per week from the third week if your skin tolerates well.

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