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Located 52 Helianthus Avenue, Flatbush, Auckland, 2019. Are you wanting to slip away and pamper yourself with beauty.  Embreis Beauty is your get-away, our professional staff is here to accommodate you to capture and embreis your outer beauty. We provide female waxing, relaxation massages, threading, eye brow tinting and shaping. We have introduced 2 new services which are Micro Needling & LED Light Therapy.  The best local beauty services in Flatbush.

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Embreis Beauty LED Therapy


Tuesday: 8am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 7pm

 ​Sunday: 8am - 7pm


52 Helianthus Avenue, Flat Bush

Auckland, 2019

Embreis Beauty - Best beauty services in Flat bush